Your biggest Qs and Millie's As

HAVE SOMETHING IN MIND YOU WANT CUSTOM MADE? Millie designs merch for birthdays, holidays, reunions, and more. Send Millie and her team a note!

WHO HELPS MILLIE TYPE... AND RUN HER BUSINESS? Oh My, Millie! is an all female-led venture between Millie, her mom, aunt, and grandma who love spending time, laughing and dog-sitting together. 

WHERE CAN I PURCHASE Oh My, Millie! MERCHANDISE AS WELL AS THE FUTURE BOOK? The merchandise is exclusively available through www.ohmymillie.com and we plan for Millie's books to be available everywhere that sells books in the time ahead. All Millie Club members will get first access to the books and latest merchandise.

WHERE IS MILLIE FROM? Millie was born in VA on a loving farm with lots of sheepdogs.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Oh My, Millie! BETTERS THE COMMUNITY? Oh My, Millie! is committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to supporting pets that have not yet found forever homes. 

DOES MILLIE OFFER MEET & GREETS? Yes she does! Millie loves meeting new frens far and wide. For more information on how to meet Millie virtually click here.

WHEN WILL THE FIRST Oh My, Millie! BOOK BE AVAILABLE? We are working on launching the book as soon as we find a pawsitively incredible agent (if you know any, please reach out to us!). In the meantime, please sign up for the Millie Club Newsletter to be the first to know when pre-orders are available.